ATC Flight Simulator Company has been in the business of manufacturing FAA-approved, realistic and affordable flight simulators, fixed wing, rotorcraft and Flight Training Devices for general and commercial aviation since the late-1960s.

The company was started by Joe Sidoti, a pilot and engineer.  Joe flew a Piper Arrow and understood the need to keep up his instrument skills so he designed the original 710. Joe contracted with EAI in Long Branch, New Jersey to produce the 610 to be sold to the general aviation market.

The product was a great success with the help of Ed Keins,  director of marketing and training, and with distributors around the US and overseas (like ETA, owned and operated by Bob Mitchelson) ATC sold hundreds of the tabletop 610 to individuals ,flight schools and airlines so their flight engineers could maintain instrument proficiency.

ATC got the reputation for building high quality, rugged products designed to meet the rigors of daily training use. That is why ATC Flight Simulator Company has the second largest installed base of all simulators operating in the United States and overseas. That is why operators are still using them faithfully today.

Through the years ATC upgraded the 610 to the 710 and added an 810 multi-engine simulator and the type specific Beach King Air 1900 turbo prop simulator.  Enclosures were added to comply with the FAA 141 requirements.

ATC was the first company to add collimated front side window visual systems to their simulators.

In 2001 ATC Flight Simulator Company took a new and exciting approach to building its next generation of flight simulation software products. We have developed our newest technology platform utilizing Open GL which is the latest graphics engine available for PC's today. Open GL was originally designed by Silicon Graphics and it "migrated" into the PC world only recently. This technology allowed us to build our new visual system that provides single window to six window 220° and provided us with the option to offer our customers virtual instrumentation and glass cockpit instrumentation featuring EFIS, Garman GPS and other state-of-the-art technologies to flight simulator cockpits.

We have integrated the software foundation that consists of the network, navigation, visual (with complete wraparound available), hardware interface, and GUI (Graphical User's Interface with moving map and Loc/GS tracking and other features) modules.

Our new hardware features our latest "smart motherboard" technology that dramatically reduces and, in the case of our single engine simulator, eliminates entirely any need for complex and cumbersome interconnect circuits and cabling.

Our new ATC-71OM project demonstrates benefits of this approach in that it's simple, compact, inexpensive, robust and reliable. It was recently approved by the FAA as Level 3 FTD.

ATC's newest technology is interactive simulation where multiple simulators are interconnected, allowing pilots to see each other and talk to each other in complete scenario simulation environments. One instructor can see and talk to multiple students at the same time. ATC introduced flight simulator games with a new interactive technology that adds a new profit center to flight training products.

ATC now offers retrofits.  Those customers who have older ATC simulators now have the opportunity to bring older simulators up to state-of-the-art technology a very cost-effective price. We are Led by industry veteran Tony Peckler, ATC’s team of top talent—with deep roots in aviation product development and certification—will continue to grow the company’s business through pioneering solutions for the general aviation market.
 ATC's goal has been to provide customized, highly-specialized training solutions. We work closely with our customers in developing comprehensive cost-effective solutions to fit their needs. Our unique products, worldwide reputation, and forward-thinking management combine to Ensure that ATC succeeds in meeting and exceeding customer expectations in this new millennium

We provide a satisfaction guarantee for all services provided.